Be a christian.

Do discipleship.

Tell others.

There are over 8 million people living in North Carolina and over 823,000 of them are teenagers. The sad news is that only 4% of those teenagers profess to be Christians. Our goal in the Student Ministry Office is to equip students and youth ministries across the state to Be, Do and Tell.

There are events for students and youth leaders planned for almost every month throughout the year. The main event every year is Youth Weeks Summer Camp at Camp Caswell. For seven or eight weeks during the summer, almost 9,000 students and leaders come through the gates at Camp Caswell and experience God in a way that they have never experienced Him before.

During the fall we host several weekend retreats at Black Mountain and Fort Caswell.

In order to keep the youth leaders in our state on the cutting-edge of youth ministry, we hold training events throughout the year as well.





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